August 7, 2013

Campfire Memories

Evening campfires are just the best!

With us there is always a mixture of laughter, dessert (banana boats or peach cobbler, anyone?), and banter at the end of long, fun days. There is also serious talk late into the night as we contemplate life. This time we discussed those things we want our kids to inherit. My short list included such things as an intellectual inheritance (i.e. wisdom), a spiritual inheritance, and a financial inheritance (which in our case involves oh, so little money but a lot of good principles of careful money management!).

It was our typical first night of camping.  The second night was pretty typical as well...the parents with young children quietly slipped away into their tents, giving in to sleep deprivation.  =)

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  1. Oh I remember camping with our kids when they were little. Good times and good experiences for them.