August 16, 2013

Volunteer Tomatoes, Giving Thanks

We stopped planting tomatoes this year, finally giving in to the fact that we can't compete with the deer.  But it was our good fortune this spring to discover volunteer tomato plants in our garden!  We left them alone, figuring they would soon be goners.  They rambled about without proper staking, looking like an overgrown mop of a mess....and apparently looking so natural that the deer have ignored them.

All of the sudden we have bowls and bowls of these little lovelies!  We have enjoyed them in egg scrambles, salads, and casseroles, with plenty left over for afternoon snacks.

I remember my father asking for the food to be blessed every evening as we sat down at the dinner table, and he regularly expressed his thanks for allowing us to live on the side of the world with food. We take so much for granted.

Have a wonderful Friday.  Keep your eyes open for something equally extraordinary!

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