August 9, 2013

Wedding Bells

We have a wedding coming up, with one special gal marrying a man who appears to be her equal. =)  It will be a grand celebration on Saturday!

Believe it or not, her MOM is catering the meal.  She does it like no one else, and it is her gift to her daughter.  Wow.  I'm proud to say we're related, and I've already warned her that when it's our turn to put on a wedding, we'll be calling!!

P.S. They're having a naked wedding cake.  As in no frosting.  It's the new thing, and not a bad idea for those of us that always discreetly scrape the frosting off anyway.  (A quick check on Pinterest confirmed the growing trend!)  I will have to bring my camera.  =)

1 comment:

  1. I was just wandering by my own blog and noticed you commented a while back.thank you for coming by!

    We went to a wedding at a historical old barn last night, and the food was catered by a Taco Truck and a fancy Hot Dog truck...that was different too, but very cute and the food was good

    I am going to shoot over to Pinterest now and look at naked cakes.

    Have fun at your nieces wedding !!!