September 24, 2013

Double Duty

Those small things:
  • A trip to Best Buy across the river
  • New modem
  • New internet router
  • A monstrous pile of electronic recycling
  • Dropping the landline
  • Putting the garden gloves away
  • Helping with plans for a move to Brooklyn
  • Baking an extra potpie for the folks
  • Rolling over a 401 retirement fund
  • A trip to the bank
  • Calling for a medication refill when the order wouldn't go through
  • Reformulating a financial plan
  • Picking up the newspapers
  • Throwing an old cup away
No wonder there are still 175 lbs of apples to process!!  And what about finding time for all the other "normal" things of life, like laundry??!  All of these things add up, requiring a chunk of daylight hours and a large measure of tenacity.  

And what about puttering?  It may seem like dabbling here and there, but you know how it're in your bathrobe headed to the laundry, and you pick up a piece of trash on the way, and as you head back upstairs with a pile of clothes you notice a counter that has needed attention for waaayyyy too many weeks.  It's not hard to clean it up - it just takes time to do a bunch of little, non-thinking movements... placing, putting, wiping, shifting, neatening up...puttering!  Sometimes you have days where you just never stop and you have so little to show for it.  

I'm convinced that it takes a nearly full-time person to manage a home.  And if there are other obligations such as work?  I'm also convinced that to keep some semblance of sanity, a number of things have to go.  

Perhaps one trick is to think it through ahead of time.  Prioritize.  Decide that those small acts of kindness won't get kicked off the list out of desperation.  So tonight, instead of walking by those millions of bags of apples, I think I'll make some applesauce and freeze a batch to share.  Double duty, no???

Are there any more "doubles"?

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