September 13, 2013

Her Father's Child

"Hot days are meant for filling your pickup with water and friends and then taking them for a spin."
                                                                                    ...posted on Facebook
                                                                                    ...(which I figure is public domain)
                                                                           a young man
                                                                                    ...who will always have friends                                           

The mother in me tries to suppress the YOUARESTUDYINGALOTRIGHT?? comment.
And another part of me cannot stop shaking my head at this girl.  She is full of life and laughter, never one to let such an ingenious moment like this pass.

May our Fridays be as exciting!

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  1. I can't stop by every day but, when I do, I enjoy catching up on your snapshots and reading about your day. It's a pleasure to visit here. Have a beautiful weekend!