October 1, 2013

Harvest Jar Candles

It's October!  What happened?!

As time flies by, we're doing more small things to celebrate the change in seasons.  I let a few things slip when the kids left (what's the point, right?), but now we enjoy them for our sake.

So this year I hauled the scarecrow back out, picked the single pumpkin growing in the yard, gathered pinecones, decorated candles, and lit the kerosene lamp.  It was all very fun. =)

Harvest Jar Candle Instructions:
Muslin, fabric scraps, burlap, twine, canning jars (any size), and candles (any size) are all you need. Cut, fray, and wrap the fabric, then tie it all up with twine.  No glue needed.  I filled my jars 2/3 with dried beans to keep the tea candles in place.  It doesn't get any easier!

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  1. It's a comfort thing, just makes you feel good!