October 15, 2013

Rose Hip Tea!


Last year the rose hip tea adventure was a complete disaster and I swore I would never touch the stuff again.  It was just awful.  But as I mentioned last week, I learned that a friend's mother carefully removes all of the seeds and hairs from the rose hips before making her jelly.

The harvest in the fields were calling.

This new technique, however, is not for the faint of heart. With a little practice and the help of a pickle fork, I was able to clean one hip a minute.  That's a whole lot of time for one cup of tea.

I tried steeping them in the teapot with no success.  These are tough little berries. They must be boiled, and then smashed up a bit once they soften.  A final strain is needed.

And so here is the beautiful cup of tea, with a touch of honey.  Delicious!  I am truly amazed.  Wonders never cease.

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