November 8, 2013

Cape Meares Getaway

Woohoo!! We're headed to the Oregon Coast for the weekend!  Sir Bradley has Monday off so it will be three nights and four entire days of rest, fun, and sand.  It will be cold and rainy the entire time, but up here in the Northwest we are hardy folk who have learned not to let weather hamper our adventures.  =)

The homemade yogurt is ready.  The cranberry orange pecan bread is wrapped.  Fresh eggs - check. New batch of granola - check. A cooler of fresh fruits and vegetables is still to be packed.  I can't say that I've ever packed quite this healthy before.  

That being said, hunting down a good bakery and enjoying a special treat is still on the agenda!!!  It will be good for the soul!!

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  1. Sounds delightful. Hope you had a fabulous time! Tammy