November 20, 2013


He left for Brooklyn ready to take on the world.  Even the view from the train tracks was exhilarating.

She went back to college and friends.

Despite happiness for them as they are following their dreams, this momma has been crying for many days.  Saying goodbye to kids is so, so hard.


  1. It is hard when the kids leave home. I know I use to cry every time I would put my son on the plane to fly back when he was in the service. We all know they grow up, but it is still hard on us. Mine aren't as scattered as yours, but you still miss the waking them up of a morning. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

  2. I guess that's something we have to deal with. Our kids are always our kids no matter how old any of us gets. My son comes home from college next month and will be here for a few weeks.

    You asked how I handle not wearing a head scarf (hijab) here in Kuwait. Not a problem at all. Most of my friends don't wear it. And I work in an American school where everyone speaks English and the hijab is only worn by a small number of teachers and maybe a few students. Saudi Arabia is where women must cover. No way I could ever live there!

    Have a great day. Tammy