November 1, 2013

Pink Glove Dance

So as you head into the weekend, here are two quick video links to enjoy.

The original video was created by Providence (woohoo!) back in 2009 for breast cancer awareness... and it went viral.  Click on the following link and then on "The Original Pink Glove Dance". Yup, there are some pretty cute nurses in there, and that custodian can dance! Employees were untrained, unpolished, and unabashed as they danced through the hospital, and patients loved it.
Pink Glove Dance

And now greater things are coming from it.  Please take a moment to see this one...and remember to vote!  Prizes are awarded as donations to breast cancer charities.
Pink Gloves in Walla Walla

Keep dancing, my friends.   Happy Friday!


  1. Love it! Hadn't seen the pink glove video before. Unfortunately, can't get the Walla Walla one to work -- says there is an error and I have to come back later. :( Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

    1. Tammy - try again! I just checked the link and it is working. Thanks for looking!