December 13, 2013

Holiday Mom Stress

Ah, happy Friday, my friends!

For all of you who are behind on Christmas, take heart.  You are not alone!  There are no Christmas cookies in my freezer, not even a hint of shopping has been done, the tree is still living in the forest, the laundry is piling up, and work responsibilities are growing.  The only thing I can brag about is that I replaced the Thanksgiving candles in front of the window with the blooming Christmas cactus.

The traditional preparations are slow to come this year, but I'm convinced more than ever that enjoying good conversations and sharing lives is way more important.  The Mom Stress of orchestrating perfect traditions and memories comes at a high cost for me...and so this year I am seriously working on prioritizing the most important elements of the season.

And so I share with you my new plan.

2013 Christmas Resolutions
We will cut down our tree when we are ready and can enjoy ourselves.  
We will swap out chocolate chip cookies for gingerbread.  
We'll eat waffles with the new fancy schmancy waffle iron and play games and skate with socks on the neighbor's slippery new floor.
We will fill our home with laughter and love around a warm fire.
We will remember what we are celebrating.

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