January 13, 2014

French Women

Yesterday started as a dreary day with gray skies, rain, and my baby girl going back to school with a big smile! It is way too quiet around here now.

Time for new projects to bring some color and cheer into the house!

I found a new book that is informative, fun, intriguing and full of beauty secrets.  Check it out! The theory is that we will all age, but not all of us will grow old. French women have plenty to teach us, it seems.  I'd prefer going to France to learn for myself, but for now, I'll have to take it from Mireille.  =)


  1. Looks like an interesting book. I read "French Women Don't Get Fat". I'm not at all French, no matter how hard I try. But I did learn some interesting things. Think I'll have to pick this one up as well!

  2. Oh I hadn't seen this book before- I'll have to check it out!- we were recently in Paris and French women (and men) just have that certain elegant flair- they seem to celebrate their uniqueness- so much of it is attitude and confidence- wish it came in a bottle! :)