January 24, 2014


Sometimes I just have to chuckle...it seems my world is bipolar.  There have been wonderful, wonderful blessings this week along with some very sad news.  Life can sometimes come at you from a million different directions.  You can probably relate!

So once again it's time for a cup of tea, my favorite rocking chair, and some quietness to settle my heart and rethink priorities.  It brings me back to one of my 2014 resolutions to hold onto the good. As a person who tries to live a calculated life (as in thoughtful and purposeful), it's what keeps me sane.

But first, breakfast.  The pretty plate was a necessity this morning!

May all of our Fridays be full of meaning and peace.  =)


  1. Oooooh . . . that PLATE should fix ANY day!

  2. It is a crazy old world isn't it. Take care, Sue