January 27, 2014

New Friends, Old Friends

NEW:  First off, it's been great to meet everyone through the Grow Your Blog party!  Everyone has been so kind.  I hope in the coming weeks to respond to everyone individually and keep going through the blog party list myself!  I'm looking forward to new friends.

OLD:  We were thankful this weekend to see our old (but young) friend at Pacific University for her debate competition.  There were hundreds of college kids there from all over the NW. We love her as one of our own, and like proud parents, we were beaming.  Our genetic offspring also met us there, so it was a grand reunion for all of us. Woohoo!!  It was a good day.  =)

I caught this on the way home with the window rolled down, going 55 mph...


  1. I see the little red sign on the house. I wonder ... does it say "for sale"? Beautiful sunlight.

  2. Great photo, especially as a drive by. Sad state for the house. Makes you wonder its history and why it was abandoned.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  3. Fabulous picture! There's definitely a story there... If only the walls could talk. Thanks so much for sharing with us! Lori

  4. I'm a new follower and I must tell you how impressive you photography is. The old house is awesome. I aspir to take these kind of pictures. Baby steps, baby steps.

  5. I bet the sign says No Trespassing. That is one broken down old farm house. Makes for a really awesome photo though, Nancy. I've never been to a debate competition before. I would probably get stressed for each side. lol Hope you have yourself a beautiful week. Blessings, Bird

  6. While the picture is beautiful I'd like to know the sad story behind it...