February 27, 2014

Food in New York

It's official - we're going to New York for Spring Break!

The boy is already working on a food itinerary.

Yes, I will eat standing up.
Yes, I will eat in a place where no one speaks my language.
Yes, I will will eat something where every ingredient is unrecognizable.  But no raw meat.
No, I can't eat hot and spicy dishes.
No, you'll have to go with Dad to some of the sketchier places, even if the food is amazing.

Tonight's text was of a "mind blowingly good" meal.  He hasn't asked me yet about cooked eyeballs and antenna, but I think this dish is on the itinerary anyway.  =)


  1. Well it does look delish, except for the eyeballs! HaHa!

  2. Just leave the eyeballs on the side of your plate

  3. Good news, even if the food is unrecognizable!

  4. I just scrolled down and covered up the head :) Otherwise ... delish! Those big cities are truly the place to find interesting nibbles, that's for sure.

  5. It sounds really good with the trip. I hope you enjoy everything and tell us how it was afterwards ;)

  6. Spring break in New York sounds wonderful!