February 5, 2014

Lencan Memories

We met up with this happy woman in the mountains of Honduras.  All of the Lenca women wore something on their heads, even if it was a towel.  The people lived in dampness, nearly wet in the constant mist which made it impossible for anything to dry.

I miss the people, the smells, the laughter, the colors, the culture...just about everything except that bone-chilling cold.  =)

Photo by Dr. Marty/Hope Teams International


  1. What a beautiful face - lots of well earned "miles" in that smile! Happy Wednesday - Tanya

  2. I am dropping by from the GYB party. It is a slow process for me right now because of sickness in the family and trying to help out with grandchildren while their Daddy is very ill.Now, this photo puts a real face on the people of Honduras. You captured this sweet face so beautifully. I am signing up to follow your beautiful blog!

  3. I love meeting people that live in such different ways. They always have so many stories to tell and usually they just open their arms to you. Tell us more ;)