February 14, 2014

The Baboon

It seems the professor thought it would be a good learning experience to assign a jungle animal project to be completed without assistance or instruction.  Creating a baboon became quite an issue. Hmmm...

So this is the text I received:

Our art teacher wouldn't let us display it in the library with everyone else's animals...so we chose to display it in in the quad for all to see

Go, Emily!!!


  1. YAY, Emily! The Quad is the PERFECT place for a baboon! Happy Valentine's Day - Tanya

  2. Hi,

    Found your blog from the GYB party @ Vicki's. I have a thing for photography and i absolutely loved browsing through the lovely pictures you haves shared . Nice to meet you! Have a great weekend..

  3. A nice and unique piece of art ;)

  4. Just love the creative people buzzing around
    in blog land!! Fab creation, nice and bright.
    Cheers, Anita.