March 24, 2014

And Off They Drove

The weekend was a blur!  One child home...cookies...conversations over an art project being finished up...two others arrived...breakfast out with family...a visit with the folks...packing up food for a road trip......and then - BLINK.  All gone! They left on separate road trips!

Oh, it was hard to say goodbye so quickly!  And without frequent texts, the Mother Questions started popping up all over the place:

1.  Do they know road conditions?
2.  Do they know where they're staying?
3.  Are they safe?
4.  Will they have enough money?
5.  Will they stay awake to drive for so many days on end?
6.  Should I have packed more food?
7.  It's been several hours.  Are they safe?
8.  Is the car holding up?  What about the hood problem?
9.  Do they really know how to drive in San Francisco?
10.  How about LA?
11.  Are they really old enough to go alone?????!!!!!!!

Even the beautiful weather and blue skies couldn't distract me for long.

It's been three hours, Dear.  Better call. =)


  1. Oh, the worry, it never ends. My eldest grandson was home for a short spring break and then left on Sunday back to college. A long bus trip 8 hours and I worry, worry. He's fine, I'm fine, life goes on (sigh). Lovely blossoms, good distraction.

  2. This will never end. I speak from experience. Mine are adults out of college and one is going to get married. Another is having her 4th baby. Thank goodness for cell phones.

  3. Oh, I know the feeling! Sometimes perhaps it's better not to know :) Your sky and blooms are so lovely -- please come soon, spring!!