March 21, 2014

Where Does Time Go?

Oh, where do the days go????

To work, that's where they go!

I missed celebrating Pi Day, St. Patrick's Day, and the first day of spring. The first day of Lent came and went. The pussy willows are spent, and the flowering cherries are in full bloom.  And when did those gorgeous daffodils pop up??

I'm trying to remind myself that I have worked a bazillion hours to help reduce sickness and suffering, cover for sick calls, and tackle a monster of a personnel issue, and am now keeping another program afloat until we get reinforcements.

There are times in life when we need to put our foot down.  Or at the very least, readjust the details so all of the fun times are not eliminated.  Tonight two of the kids return home from in light of my newly discovered sense of priorities, I look forward to a late night dance party, complete with double chocolate cookies!

Happy Friday,


  1. Sure hope you get to enjoy a relaxing weekend and have a great visit with your college kids.

  2. Enjoy your weekend, it sounds like you deserve it!

  3. I spent hours cleaning this evening and barely made a dent. I feel like that is definitely wasted time. And then there's my real job during the week that cuts into my free time. It's a never ending cycle. We definitely have to grab quality moments when we can. Enjoy the weekend with your family. Tammy

  4. I missed St Patrick's Day despite my Irish blood. I'm glad you are firm with the time for your kids rule. Nothing should mess with that.