April 15, 2014

Chocolate Chip Cookie Hunt

We happened upon a special bakery in Brooklyn and found the most fabulous chocolate chip cookies ever.  Ever, as in our whole lives.

Chocolate chip macadamia nut with dried cherries.  They must have weighed about 1/4 lb and were the size of a biscuit.  Chewy and heavenly, not cakey.

We walked 4 miles to try and find it again, without success.  I couldn't even find my receipt with the name of the place.  I've searched the internet far and wide to find a recipe that even comes close.  No luck.  Any ideas?  Any recipes????


  1. Maybe you should ask these bloggers: http://www.brooklyn-portland.com/ I've been reading their recipes for a while and today they're offering hot cross buns with chocolate and dried cherries. There may be a connection!

  2. How frustrating! I wish I could help. I'm afraid if something like that happened to me, it would prey on my brain like a lost love!

  3. Replies
    1. I finally figured out where the bakery was but have never been able to get the recipe. Holy cow, those were good! I keep telling my son who lives in Brooklyn that he could make me a very happy mom if he did some serious investigating for me... =)