April 10, 2014

New York

What an adventure it was!  My favorite part?  Spending time with our son.  Everything else was secondary.

We walked over 60 miles during our 4-1/2 days there.  We ran to catch subways and flew up and down the stairs and made our way through turnstiles and crowded trains.  The long-legged offspring had destinations in mind, and we had to run to catch up.

Bushwick, Ridgewood, Williamsburg, East Williamsburg, Chinatown, Chelsea, Midtown, East Village, North Little Italy, Soho, Manhattan...Times Square, uptown and downtown, Central Park, the Garment District, Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Natural History, Ellis Island, Mast Brothers Chocolate Company, Brooklyn Denim Company...Momofuku, Cafe Grumpy, Pizza ViNapoli, Delight Diner, Pies and Thighs, Mothers, Cocorun, Rabbit Hole......and bakeries, of course.

That is our incomplete list.  There's more to add, and we're enjoying the memories.  And the Advil.  =)

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