May 27, 2014

Box On the Doorstep

Our days at the hospice house continue.  When we stumbled home with exhaustion late last night we found a special box on our doorstep from some dear friends.  Kleenex, mandarin oranges, tea, cookies, Chapstick, hand sanitizer, applesauce, toasted pecans, granola bars, napkins, a small notepad and pen, and a card.  All put together in a wrapped box to take with us.

The pic is blurry from my cell phone, but it most closely resembles what I saw through my tears.


  1. What a lovely sweet gesture, sending a hug. xx

  2. Your box is a wonderful gift. I know what you have been going through. They turned the room next to my hubby into a hospice room and we knew the gentleman from the nursing home. It was hard to watch, but as it was said now he didn't have to suffer anymore. I keep saying a prayer for you to help you. Take care Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

  3. What a sweet and considerate thing to do! That shows such love.