May 1, 2014

May Day

Happy May Day, my friends! Enjoy these lovelies with your eyes only, unless you don't mind the oniony smell of chives.  =)

I still can't resist bringing in a bunch for the table centerpiece.  Smell or no smell.


  1. How lovely! The color is gorgeous and I don't mind the smell one bit.;) I remember the days when my girls delivered flowers to neighbors (as a surprise!) on May Day. Perhaps we'll do that today. :) Lori

  2. Happy belated May day as it is now evening when I am typing. I need to sow some chives, my clump accidentally got smothered under a compost pile.

  3. I have these in the front of the Garden so every morning when I step out to the Garden.. I saw these with the lovely purple flowers.. I love chives but the plants and flowers are fantastic.. w/love Janice