May 14, 2014


A good friend was to join us for dinner...but it was to be a work night for me, and all I could contribute was homemade applesauce from the freezer.  She didn't care, and she even offered to bring everything! Holy cow, who am I to argue with such a fabulous idea??!

I thought she might bring chicken and potatoes.  Or a casserole.

Raclettes.  She brought her raclette contraption from Europe, and dinner suddenly became an event.

As someone who has read just about every baking catalog on the face of the planet, I was shocked.  I had never even remotely heard of this!  Sir Bradley furrowed his eyebrows at having to pull the dryer out to plug the thing in, and even suggested that we use another pan.  Silly - he didn't know we were about to have raclettes.  And so the deed was done, and the long extension cord wound it's way through the laundry room, across the kitchen, and into the dining room.

These are actually grills, with a griddle on top and an element underneath for broiling.  Everyone has their own raclette pan to assemble little bites of meat and vegies, then top it off with raclette cheese.

Seriously?  Racelette cheese?  How could I have never seen it?

The browned and slightly crispy cheese made everything so delicious!  But I'm convinced that the intrigue and the social nature of the dinner made it even better.  The Swiss have figured it out.  Then again, I think my very American friend has it down as well.  =)


  1. I've heard of this before, it looks huge fun!

  2. Hello Nancy
    As soon as I saw Raclette I I was in!!!
    We have "Raclette" nights every time we're in France - especially in the Autumn and Winter.
    It can be a bit of a shambles now that our daughter has three children!
    However, it makes a great "doing things together" night!
    It's all about the preparation beforehand and being organised!
    I love Raclette cheese too!

    You've brought back some lovely memories for me!!

  3. That looks wonderful! And you're right -- the social aspect of assembling our own dish and cooking it together, that makes it so fun, and brings in the real joy of community eating :) I worked in Switzerland after college for 6 months in a little village on a lake, and that's where I first met raclette cheese. I think it was one of the cheeses they liked to put in their fondue. I gained a tidy bit of weight those 6 months! Glad you had fun.

  4. The raclette pan went home with my friend, but I'm thinking I need to start searching for raclette cheese. But the big question is, will it taste as good with just US, without friends??

  5. Amazing, never heard of this before either.. I'm sure it won't be as fun.. so maybe invite her over.. things are always better shared with lovely friends... w/love janice