May 16, 2014

Wild Irises

I spied the wild irises in the woods last week!!  All by myself!  I felt like a little kid, ready to jump up and down.  Sir Bradley has trained me to keep an eye out for them - they come with friends (not alone), are in the woods or even on the edges of nature along roadways, and are timed to come out with other wildflowers in the spring.  Delicate and shy, they are easy to overlook.

And with that, my friends, I wish you a wonderful Friday!  Keep your eyes open for glimpses of beauty.  =)


  1. Loved this post Nancy! I can definitely relate - for me its a Pink Ladyslipper, or possibly May Apple, but then Woodland Phlox gets me jumping up and down like a little kid, too! I guess they all do! I'm catching up a bit on my visits from Vicki's Grow Your Blog party, and I've joined your lovely blog. I can tell from your About Me that you are a very special gal and I'll have to be sure to visit often. Cindy from