June 17, 2014

Dreaming of a Tea Shop

It's been one of those months, a season to test my sanity and my character!  And so in those rare, quiet, undisturbed moments, I retreat to dreaming of...

...opening a tea shop.
...traveling to Europe to bring back ideas and wares.
...warmer weather.
...writing my book on the back porch.
...having lunch in Paris.  =)


  1. Its lovely where our dreams take us, hope you have a better week. xx

  2. Boy I'm with you.. I had dreams about it often but now I'm older and don't have the energy .. I wished I had but so many things got into the way.. Now I just have tons of Tea pot and dishes etc.. but I use them all Inside and in the Garden enjoying them.. lol My kids specially my oldest daughter MOm stop buying Teapot.. I tell sure I will .. but lol I buy them anyways.. Dreams are good reality's are better if you can.. with love Janice