July 22, 2014

Devils Punch Bowl

It was quite a day at the beach!!

I had many happy times as a kid with my grandparents in Otter Rock, with lots of beach time. Marine Gardens was by far our favorite, with lots of tide pools, ocean creatures, rocks, and treasures to collect. A kid's dream. This weekend I went back, and the emotions and memories just came flooding over me as I recognized so much of that same beach.  And because the Oregon Coast is constantly battered and changed with time, there were plenty of new features - and missing features! - to explore.

We walked over to see the Devils Punch Bowl (just around the bend), which is now a State Natural Area. From the top, you can see the water spewing and churning in the bowl.  It's quite awesome to see the fierceness and strength of the water. But it was our good fortune to arrive when the tide was very low, so for the first time ever, I was able to walk into the bowl from the bottom. Stepping inside was just shy of terrifying, but an experience not to be missed!

I hope that someday my own grandkids (in 30 years or so, when I'm old enough to have them - let's be clear about this) will have their own memories of us in the same way, full of love!


  1. It does all sound (and look) exhilarating!

  2. That looks awesome and the experience sounds awesome too, I'm glad you had a great weekend there.

  3. What a fascinating place! So glad you got to walk into it when the water was low. I'd be a little scared!