August 21, 2014


It's been one of those weeks, with too much going on at home and at work. I think I might show up to work in the exact same clothes I wore yesterday.  Ugh.

But we discovered a gift, a tiny spot of peace in the midst of everything.  The hanging basket hasn't done so well but it is home now to a beautiful mourning dove.  She is sitting on 3 little eggs and is the quietest, most content bird I've ever seen.


  1. I love Morning Doves and have a few in hanging baskets in my yard. They are a delight. Hope your week improves, Blessings

    1. Well, I was thrilled to find clean clothes this morning. So things are improving! And Mrs. Dove is still there ever so peacefully. =)

  2. Someone posted before that doves don't make the nicest nests so I'm glad she found a cozy little spot in your hanging basket. Hope you have a great weekend. Tammy

  3. I've never seen a bird nesting in a hanging basket before - that is very sweet! It almost makes me want to try cultivating such a basket again. :-)

  4. How sweet! Look at her little gray face!