September 26, 2014


The good thing about ridiculously cheap airline tickets is the price, as well as the challenge to bring nothing to avoid extra charges.  No rolling carryon, just a big purse bag.  I brought one pair of everything.  I figure it's good practice for Europe, no??!  (Hmmm…still too heavy, so perhaps I need to fine tune my packing list even further.)

The midnight flight worked well, starting with an airline friend who managed to work a miracle and assign me an entire empty row of seats!  Woohoo!  Sleep, however, was elusive.  Hot, cold, hot, cold, funny smells, crying babies, excitement and anticipation, exhaustion, and some significant air turbulence…but I made it.  And I kept my dinner down.

I even managed to hail my assigned limo at the curbside without looking like a complete fool.

And so here I am with my favorite sister and her fabulous family.  Yes, she is my only sister, but she's still my fav!

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