September 2, 2014

Vacation, Dreams, Laundry, and Goats

I did not show up for work.  And I won't tomorrow, either.  Or the next day, or the next.  I'm on vacation, you see! It's such a marvelous invention.

Almost every single person asks where I am going, which makes me laugh, because the only place I'm going is the laundry room.  With so many work and life responsibilities, my sense of control over the past year has drifted in every direction.  The law of entropy - the tendency towards randomness - has been in full effect around here! This week, therefore, is a time to regain control, pull it all back in, reorganize, clean, and sort. I don't need a perfect home or life, but I do need order and control! Starting with the laundry.

So my dreams begin with a clean pantry, a full night's rest, and the idea of something clean to wear in the morning.  By week's end, it will also include rhymes and loaves of bread and maybe even a new business plan or two.

I need to start dreaming again. The thought of someday having a few of these sweet ladies is also a good place to start.  You just never know...


  1. How is it that laundry's get so out of control so easily? And I agree - it is certainly something that needs to be controlled!
    I love goats and would like some one day too...they're harder to keep in than other livestock though, or so everyone says. I think they are very clever at escaping :-) We've got sheep coming at the very end of the month though, so I think our hands will be full! At least for a little while, until we feel the need for pigs ;-)

  2. I am such a city girl, I wasn't sure that was a goat. Sure is prettier than ones I've seen! and I do love to get things organized. Such a good feeling. Hope you have a nice time off, with time to dream.

  3. Enjoy your vacation Nancy, and I hope you get that "order and control" in check, but mostly that you have plenty of time to just dream. I've been dreaming of someday having a farm with sweet little goats, too. And chickens, and bunnies, maybe some sheep and little piggies, too - a whole menagerie! I do not discriminate! LOL!

  4. Oh, isn't that a sweet face! I hope your dreams come true in this regard. Vacation is such a necessary time to realign our minds and hearts.