October 9, 2014

A Woman's Favorite Cookbook

This 1905 gem was passed down to me, and oh, is it ever a good read!  578 pages of fascination!  All of the recipes are in paragraph form, and there are even a a few pictures for the reader's viewing pleasure.   There are also other topics of interest discussed such as Dyeing and Coloring, Happiness of Children, Helpful Laundry Recipes, Ventilation, Arranging the Table -- Up-to-Date Methods, and Table Etiquette...


Beat two eggs, salt, and a cupful of milk and dip thin slices of bread into this, and then plunge into hot butter; fry to a golden brown and serve hot.  Mrs. P. LaPoint.

Pound the meats of hickory nuts and add nutmeg and allspice.  Make a frosting as if for a cake, stirring in the nuts and spices.  Butter the hands and work into little balls the size of hickory nuts; place them on buttered tins and bake in a hot oven.  They will spread a little on the tins.  Pearl Butler.

Two teacupfuls of oatmeal or barley meal sifted with two teaspoonfuls of baking-power; add to two beaten eggs one tablespoonful of sugar and one pint of milk with a little salt, sifting in the oatmeal. Bake on a griddle.  M.V.M.

Cut a rabbit into eight pieces, soak in salted water on-half hour and stew until half done in enough water to cover it.  Lay slices of pork in the bottom of a pi-dish and upon these a layer of the rabbit. Then follow slices of hard-boiled egg, peppered and bettered.  Proceed until the dish is full, the top layer being bacon.  Pour in the water in which the rabbit was stewed, and adding a little flour, cover with puff paste, cut a slit in the middle, and bake one hour, laying paper over the top should it brown too fast.  Mrs. M. Mausley.

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  1. Interesting to read recipes from the past. Have a great day. Tammy