December 31, 2014

Dog Mountain & Resolutions

Dog Mountain
Elevation 2949', 7.4 mile loop, rated difficult
Open all seasons, but known for wildflowers and views of the Gorge

Sir Bradley thinks I can survive the hike if we leave very early in the morning and plan plenty of breaks. If I can make it up, coming down is no problem - the legs and knees are strong. 

Perhaps it's time to see if sheer willpower and thoughtful planning can overcome a weak heart.  In regards to Dog Mountain, it's literal.  But as I ponder goals and resolutions for the new year, figuratively, it probably fits just about everything.

It may be time to dream the possible!

1 comment:

  1. What a haunting picture! Not just the intense fog, but the obvious wind! I hope you made it up the mountain. Life is often a mountain, one we must climb if we want to live, one trudging step at a time.