December 26, 2014

Moving On

At the risk of sounding completely ungrateful, I am happy to say there were moments of sweetness this Christmas season.  But soon I will sit down to work on next year's planner and think through 1000 ways to make this frenzied, crazy season more simple and meaningful...with backup plans in case things start heading the wrong way!!

The final hit to an already rocky season was when something came out of the oven Christmas morning that was supposed to resemble whole wheat cherry scones.  Not only were they unevenly baked AND uglier than anything, but one bite and we all knew there must have been a serious soda vs. baking powder mixup.

I swallowed my pride for the 800,000th time and brought my offering out to the coop.

But even the girls turned their backs and took off.  You should have heard the howls from the house.


  1. Been there--
    and I am glad it happened to you--as I love that picture of the 'back end' of those chickens on the run!!!
    May you only have great baking sucess's in 2015!!
    thanks for the smile--
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  2. So funny. I love that story! I've been down that road before. Happy Cooking in the new year. Di@Cottage-Wishes

  3. Oh, I'm sorry! Christmas is often exhausting and rocky. I find January a great relief, and I have always been a lover of Christmas! As I age, very slowly, I find it more work. I long for the peace that Christmas talks about but doesn't seem to deliver.