January 30, 2015

February Challenge

It's time to share the wealth of old-fashioned face time friendship, and I'm not talking about phones! With the advent of texting, the conversational skills necessary for talking and interacting in person are quickly fading...not just with kids and teens, but adults as well.  Start paying attention and you will be remarkably surprised at how many people are either too stressed, uncomfortable, or too distracted to reach out to others in person, even in the smallest way.  When's the last time someone genuinely looked you in the eye and asked, "How is everything?"

So here is my own February Challenge to sharpen my skills and keep me focused, but I invite you to join with me! Reach out to one person every day until Valentine's. Specific ideas on what to say or do are listed below.  They are extremely simple, but they are far from simple-minded.  Rather than save everything up for Valentine's Day, why not make a real difference, now?!

*How are you?
*How is your family?
*How is your spouse/daughter/son/aunt/etc?
*Is work going well?
*How is life treating you?

Find out what is going well, and cheer.  Find out what's not going so well and offer an ear or a shoulder.

Tea?  Cookie?  A little jar of granola?  How about a handmade Valentine?  Find a small way just to show you care.  No presents, no expenses, just tokens of thought.

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