January 26, 2015

High Tea & Friends

What a delightful afternoon of tea with friends! Not only that, but the owner offered to talk to me again - any time - about my dream of opening my own shop someday.  "There can never be too many tea houses!" she exclaimed.

It would a cheery place full of bone china teacups, heart sandwiches, sunlight, and laughter.

My first order of business should be traveling far and wide to see what the world already offers and then start creating.  Admittedly this would be the best part.  I'm not sure I actually want to serve tea every day...I'm more into the travel, planning, and creative parts, so clearly, I have to work on a viable business plan.  =)


  1. I too have dreamed of opening a tea room--
    even have the name--The Jenny-Ruth Tea Room--
    Jenny was my grandmother and Ruth was my mother's name--
    Jenny was my Dad's mom--
    and everyone would have to put on a fancy hat to have their tea!!!
    smiles, diandmissgracie

  2. Lovely. Some friends and I have talked about our dream of a combined coffee, craft and soup cafe with a porch and rocking chairs. How nice that would be. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. That soup looks scrumptious! I also love the idea of a tea shop, a warm cozy place for friends to come chat.There's a shop in Galena, IL, a shop that sells loose tea in so many flavors. And they sell cookbooks and teapots and cups and lots of herbs and spices. Just delightful. But you can't sit and eat/drink there, sadly. I love the Desert Rose dishes -- my mother has that pattern too.