February 17, 2015

Refugee Resettlement, Part II: Bringing Food

We, being good Americans, arrived at their apartment bearing food.  Not only food, but hot, delicious food...macaroni and cheese, Waldorf salad, and fresh oranges.

They, being good Middle Easterners, greeted us at the door working under an entirely different set of customs, where guests never insult their hosts by bringing any part of the main meal.  This would insinuate they are unable to provide for their guests.

So there on the counter was the dinner they prepared...stuffed onions and cabbage, "salads," and a pudding dessert.

Yup, it was awkward.

Fortunately, we talked.  Then we laughed a little. Then we talked some more. Then we finally shared a good laugh!

We will be going to their place again. But he gave the invitation and she quietly smiled and said, "We'll cook the food."

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  1. That's so adorable! Aren't cultures interesting? I'm glad you talked about it and laughed and understand each other's habits :) It's good to experience each other's worlds.