May 27, 2015

Home Row

Sp,ryo,rd ;ogr hryd om yrj esu pg zjp,r Tpbe.

Translation:  "Sometimes life gets in the way of Home Row."

Honestly, it's been crazy, crazy, crazy around here.  As in, insane, and somehow I've missed my old friends asdfjkl;!  I need Home Row!

Home Row is a good thing.  And my Home Row is more than just is time at home, time with my man, connecting with my kids, connecting with friends, good food, laughter, catching up on chores, kissing the furry one's head, and an empty laundry room.  Oh, and sleeping.  Long and peaceful sleeps, the kind where you wake up feeling rested.  Remember that kind of sleep???!

I'm thankful for every one of those things that I enjoyed in small doses this weekend.  

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