June 22, 2015

29th Wedding Annivsersary

The day started waking up to a bouquet of 29 wild daisies, followed by breakfast in bed.  Now that's love!  Sir Bradley's RQ (Romance Quotient) shot way up!  It wasn't long however, before he collapsed into deep sleep, a familiar state in the weeks following the end of every school year.  He can sleep anywhere - the couch, the floor, the car, the deck, and even when standing. But I was hopeful our day could be salvaged, and sure enough, Prince Charming woke up adn started speakign in complete sentences again.

We headed out for a romantic drive up the gorge to Crown Point and were not disappointed with the beautiful scenery.  And as we meandered along the old highway, we also found a family fruit stand and a country store with some great smoked chicken. ;) All good.  29 years of good.


  1. How wonderful! You are truly blessed! Congratulations to you both. You look very happy! Aloha