July 7, 2015

Front Porch Yogurt

It was time to take advantage of all the free heat around here.  Holy cow, has it been HOT!  It was a lazy, fun afternoon of yogurt-making. I set up the jars of warm milk and cultures on the front porch in the sun, and wrapped them in a dark towel. It was at least 115° under there (meaning it was too stinkin' hot to sit out there and monitor the thermometer!) and they were done in less than 6 hours.  6 hours instead of 10.  Amazing.

They needed to be shared with 4 wonderful young moms who worked like crazy to make it a fun-filled Independence Day celebration.


  1. Oh wow! I bet that's delicious. And the tags are very cute, too.

  2. Wow I didn't even know that you can do that.. amazin.. with love Janice