December 8, 2015

Monday's Commute

Normally a day of rainstorms, flooding, detours, and a lengthy commute wouldn't belong on this's hard to come up with anything extraordinarily wonderful about being parked on the freeway!  (DO YOU SEE THAT SPEEDOMETER?) But my car time became a mental exercise in mindfulness.

I was thankful for a car with no leaks - no duct tape anywhere, and good tires.  And it's paid for - how good is that?! And Rain-X.  Love the stuff.

And I shot up a million prayers for friends who are struggling with kids, cancer, financial issues, life... my commute issues suddenly became smaller.  Funny how a little gratitude can change things!

1 comment:

  1. Rainy days and Mondays .... they shouldn't go together :-).
    Glad you got to and from your destination safely.
    diane @ thoughts & shots