December 21, 2015

Preserved Lemons

What a brilliant idea...preserved lemons!  Apparently they taste unbelievably wonderful in Moroccan food.  Which I don't cook.  But I know several who might be willing to try, and perhaps they will let me taste test??

It is really quite easy...salt, lemons, more salt, more salt, and some added lemon juice.  Just don't believe those Moroccan women when they tell you to quarter the lemons so they flower out. Cut them all the way, because they DO NOT fit in the jar like they do in those fancy internet pictures no matter how hard you pry and maneuver them.  There is no kitchen tool to make it work, and trust me, I tried all of them.

This Christmas, the wedge method rules!  

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  1. Hi Linda, I am trying to catch up with friends today to wish you all Merry Christmas. I don't do a lot of cooking since it is one of me with hubby in the nursing home. I see things I would like to try, but I steer away because it would probably go to waste. Have a Merry Christmas. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend Shirley