December 16, 2015

The Circle of Life

It was a hard day going into work to learn a favorite patient passed away.  Because we are human, after all, it is sometimes hard for us to separate our emotions from our work, and patients squeeze their way into our hearts.  Today we lost a great man who will not be forgotten.  A newer team member called me and sobbed, asking me over and over how we do it, how we face death so much, especially with people we know and care about.  I did not have easy answers for her.

And just now I learned of a dear family member who is at the end of life, ready to go any day.

My heart is heavy and yet so thankful for these two who have allowed me to walk the journey with them. Christmas will be a quieter celebration this year, but still a celebration - as they both would have wanted.


  1. I know your job is hard cause we do get attached to others--but nurses and doctors and hospitals aren't the only place where one has to learn to deal with loss of loved ones--I have lived in a Senior apt place for over 13 years and seen many many loved ones die or leave and not come back and then when you add the others in your life and family around you dying--it does get really hard to breathe at times--
    so you are not alone--
    smiles do help--di

  2. You are absolutely right. Bless you for doing what you do!