January 20, 2016

Changing the World

I want to change the world.

There - I've said it!  It's a slow-burning, but steady desire that's been hidden away in the depths of my soul for so many years.  For whatever reason, I think it's time to figure this one out now.  Perhaps instead of "Extraordinary Living, Ordinary Life," what I'm seeking is "Extraordinary Life, Ordinary Living."  Let me know if any of you have figured something out along those lines!

Here is one inspiring story of a UK mom who is not only helping meet a physical need for tens of thousands of women but creating jobs as well.  Brilliant!  I can't say I want to be involved in a "nappie" program, but I am wowed by this woman's ingenuity and determination.

You HAVE to read about this mom.  She's amazing and deserves a prize.