Here are some fabulous resources for home, garden, and kitchen.  (No, I'm not getting paid for this...but wouldn't it be nice if I was?!)  Just have to share my favorites:

Bob's Red Mill
Whole grains of every type, including stone milled and organic products.  My favorite is their organic, thick rolled oats - what a difference they make in recipes.  Bob recently gave his company to his employees.  This place is a real treasure.

King Arthur Flour
Beautiful flours, products, and pictures!  No kidding, their flour feels different.  Expensive, so don't be shy about suggesting a gift certificate for your birthday.  :)  A dream catalog.

One Green World
Fruit trees and shrubs of every imaginable kind.  Dare you to look.  Bet you can't resist!

Originally founded to serve the Amish, this company still provides old-fashioned, nonelectric merchandise.  Very cool stuff and a few things that will make you laugh.

Country Living - British Edition
My all-time favorite magazine.  Delight on every page!  Amazon offers the best price I could find, including free shipping.