Top Three

My father routinely asked us kids to recite three things we were thankful for.  It could happen on any given day of the week, but generally when we were unable or unwilling to be appreciative.  It's a good habit to fall back on.

Today's Top Three
1.  Coming back to my top three.
2.  Colors outside.
3.  Our routine evening walk.

Past Top Threes
1.  A protective puppers at my feet
2.  My cell phone (admittedly a love hate relationship)
3.  New health research - fascinating

1.  New things.
2.  Warm water.
3.  Health insurance.

1.  Being around young people who are passionate about life and purpose.
2.  Reading about thankfulness - Dad had it down pretty well.
3.  Sweaty, salty skin after a workout.  I've missed this feeling for the last 8-1/2 years!  

1.  Hopping.
2.  Skipping.
3.  Stacking wood!

1.  A warm day outside of my cave!
2.  Something new - yogurt brewing outside!
3.  A clean kitchen.

1.  The convenience of an iPhone.
2.  Bifocals.  I'll admit it.
3.  Dinner.

1.  School's out!
2.  Waffles on the deck.
3.  An engagement ring for a very special couple!

1.  A job and a paycheck.
2.  Hope of a vacation.
3.  A soft pillow.

1.  Freedom.
2.  Celebrations.
3.  A hot day with a nice breeze on the back deck.

1.  Another work day completed.
2.  A patient with kind words.
3.  A new sweater.  =)